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Women in Aviation Int'l, FunD Av Session Sponsors

THANK YOU for your generosity!


WAI - Session Video Recap

We had an amazing turnout for our annual "Building Chapter Partnerships" session at this year's WAI Conference in Long Beach, Ca! Thank you to the WAI staff, sponsors, & attendees!


Produced by our media company, Influential Drones, check out the highlights from our involvement in the 15th annual U.S. Sport Aviation Expo, January 2019!

Kudos to the amazing team at Sebring Regional Airport & Diana Ries Designs for inspiring and engaging more youth to explore STEM/aviation!

About Us


Who We Serve

We stand to support clients across the nonprofit industry, business aviation, STEM/aviation outreach, talent & brand management, event planning & organizing, media support, and film/production. 


Our Four Core Cylinders of the Business

1) Fundraising and Nonprofit Management

2) Business Development/Corporate Relations in Aviation, Film/Production related to aviation

3) Sales and Marketing Services involving Advertising, Aircraft Sales, and even Airshow Marketing.  

4) Talent Management Services Supporting an Individual's Brand, Endorsement Opportunities and Speaking Engagements


Think Outside the Box, Be Unpredictable

Hiring a consultant reduces overhead costs for most clients, giving both parties the opportunity to develop a relationship built on trust, integrity, flexibility and accountability. Consultants use benchmarking and industry trends to deliver the needs of their clients, while bringing their own approach to driving results. 

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