Four Core Cylinders

Fundraising & Nonprofit Management



In 2018, Americans gave $427.71 billion to charities, a 4% increase from 2017. (GivingUSA). 2018 proved more positive, however, nonprofit executives must be 'ahead of the game' in changing trends, technology and social norms. 

At FunD Av Consulting, we specialize in grass roots efforts, higher education, top-level fundraising, securing capital and major gifts, and service nonprofits, with causes focusing on youth services, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), and aviation programs. 

To be competitive in this sector, our practice and services reign to support clients with donor acquisition, retention and stewardship constraints while focusing on 10 growth areas, shared upon our business relationship. 

Business Development



This is a relationship and hospitality business. Growth in business aviation is only as strong as the clientele willing to invest, utilize and equip their businesses with the most modernized technology, equipment and teams to address business efficiency and productivity. 

Our consulting services mainly support business aviation companies operating a fixed-based operation (FBO), fuel distribution network or trade association focused on this industry and its members. Our work scope does extend beyond these three areas upon review of company operations. 

What to pay attention to in 2018, 2019 and on? Millennials. This group is embracing business aviation in a way that's affecting private jet management, need for qualiifed pilots, influence in modernized technology, growth in private jet charter, even aviation safety and regulation. 

Sales and Marketing



Taking the lessons of National Geographic, who’ve captured more than 350 million followers across their social media platforms, creating the ‘wow’ factor in your sales/marketing strategies is our game. “Staying true to your brand, being timely with content, using the power of wow and wonder, and embracing new technologies to tell stories,” shared Nadine Heggie, VP of Brand Partnership for NatGeo in an January 2018 article. Mangles, C. (2018 Jan 4).

Our approach to supporting clients on sales/marketing platforms puts the end user in focus (B2C), rather than business to business models. Our clients are looking to increase advertising activity, content marketing, digital and multimedia, brand marketing exposure, while focusing on personalization and customization. 

Talent Management



This industry has evolved significantly, and in a good way! The use of social media paired with TV/entertainment to represent brands and influence certainly creates endless opportunities between company and client. 

Our services in talent and brand management support a public figure’s personal image, endorsement opportunities, speaking engagements and TV/network interests. We focus on a client’s target industries for brand ambassador/influencer roles, while providing strategic guidance on film/production, speaking, and media channels of opportunity to continue building their personal brand and influence at a global scale. 

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