Putting in the 'Extra' Effort, Phillips 66 Aerostars Flight

Through our media division, with Aviators Hot Line, Lyndse Costabile flies with the 4-ship Phillips 66 Aerostars during EAA AirVenture July 2019, riding tandem with Dave "Cupid" Monroe, the team's #3 plane. This flight was filmed and Cupid interviewed to bring more awareness and inspiration of aviation as a career to YoPros. We need to continue working in collaboration and foster a future diverse workforce of skilled and qualified aviation professionals.

D-Day Squadron Mission Recap - July 2019

A compelling video, produced by Influential Drones, showcases many of the special moments of the “Mighty Fifteen” that were made possible by the gracious support of our global partners. We published this video as a precursor to the majority of our D-Day fleet gathering together at the largest airshow of its kind in the world: EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh WI.

Celebrating Women Recap Video - May 2019

Celebrating women all year round, Influential Drones and FunD Av created a video highlighting recent efforts this past March 2019 focused on International Women's Day (IWD19) and the Women in Aviation International Conference. 

Lyndse's Journey: Released for Slippery ROck Univ - April 20

A great recap of Lyndse's journey in the nonprofit and aviation industries, sharing with interested high school students looking to enroll at Slippery Rock University, in their Philanthropy & Nonprofit Program. Produced by Influential Drones

WAI Session Recap Video - March 2019

We had an amazing turnout for our annual "Building Chapter Partnerships" session at this year's WAI Conference in Long Beach, Ca! Thank you to the WAI staff & attendees!

Special thanks to our session sponsors: Long Beach Airport, Go Rentals, Signature Flight Support, Signature TECHNICAir, Gogo Business Aviation, Influential Drones, Flying Fish, LLC.

Sebring Expo - January 2019

Produced by our media company, Influential Drones, check out the highlights from our involvement in the 15th annual U.S. Sport Aviation Expo, January 2019!

Kudos to the amazing team at Sebring Regional Airport & Diana Ries Designs for inspiring and engaging more youth to explore STEM/aviation!

Girls in Aviation Day 2018

Hosted at the Flying W Airport in Medford, NJ, & sponsored by Signature Flight Support, this event saw more than 400 girls and their families, attendance was doubled and expectations exceeded. Check out this post-video produced by Influential Drones!

Jason Flood Airshows - ICAS Promo

As we prepare the 'Red Ghost' for the 2019 airshow season in the Pits S-1S, check out Jason's Promo video.

Jason is excited about adding his new father/son comedy act to the 2019 season!